The secrets for having a happy life


The secrets for having a happy life:
There are many ways to achieve happiness in life by different people.The propensity to be happy doesn’t mean that you would be happy in every situation and for all times, but you can perform so many activities to increase your chance to obtain happiness.In the following paragraphs we explain about 8 features which have been distinguished happy people from others.

1-Happy people are friendly to themselves, they are always convincing and satisfied of their situations.
2-They are self-reliant.Happy people find out their answers to their questions within themselves.
3-They enjoy from moments of their lives, They appreciate all times of their lives for having satisfaction life.
4-Their relationships with others are based on the expansion of relationship and not based on experience it.
5- They are even grateful to less important things.
6-They try to be happy in all times.
7- They take care of themselves in all situations.
8- They control their fate and their lives.


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