Tarlan Parvaneh a teen actress which began playing films in 3.5 years old


Many of the recent superstars and artists of Cinema have begun playing roles of Childhood age .Many of artists have been most famous when they were child . For example we can refer to Mehdi Bagher Beigi , in the TV Series which called ”The stories of Majid ” which reached the pinnacle of fame . But when he grew older , He wouldn’t access the successfulness . on the other hand we know Some Artists which began playing roles in Childhood but they are more famous when they grew older . For example Leila Hatami and Baran Kowsary . Tarlan Parvaneh , which is a 15 years teen , Now has started the artistic activities , when she was 3 years old .

In an Interview , with her She explained about herself . She said I don’t remember the first experience of playing role , But my mother says when we were in airport , A Lady which was the representative of an advertising company liked me to play in a promote of a Shampoo and this was the first step of my playing . She has played So many roles Since now . She has won the prize of Golden Butterfly from the 25th festival of children of Isfahan , for the film of the ”white forehead gazelle ” . She has played in TV Series , which called under the knife which directed by Mohammadreza Honarmand . She Likes Parviz Parastooee and Fatemeh MotamedAria so much . the other famous TV Series are the big prize which was directed by Mehran Modiri , Malakoot (Kingdom ) , which was directed by Mohammad Reza Ahanj . The last films which she has played , ”The night Shift ” Which directed by Nikki Karimi and the film of Dorna , Gazalle’s daughter which was directed by Hossein Ghenaat .

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