Interview with Shahab Hosseini’s Wife (Parichehr Ghanbari) About the new


For Shahab Hoseini’s fans, Parichehr Ghanbari is not an unfamiliar name , She’s Shahab Hoseini’s wife , and Always has been along with Shahab Hosseini , In The Last movie of Shahab Hosseini  They Play their roles together . The most prominent role of the “middle class residents” was given  to Parichehr Ghanbari , and as She says, from the beginning Shahab Hosseini Considered that role for her .

For an hour we sat in Art Cafe and interview with Shahab Hosseini’s wife about her new role in the  ”The middle class residents” movie and asked her about her life and Shahab  Hosseini .  an intimate conversation which in every single words there is a deep love . ” Shahab Never Said About abandoning acting , Following the film “A Separation,” in the  press conference said : ” Who wants a little rest. Not completely abandon acting. ”Shahab Had  directing experience Before the film “middle class residents” in the theater.Before the show of movie”meeting”He has made a short film which was never shown . All the Movies He has made and  directed are about a connection with God. ” In the 18 years of our marriage, we grew up together. Everything that could happen to him I was at his side and enjoyed the accompaniment . An artist belongs more to his family, I never understand why people consider him their own. Many fans and viewers believe Keep your personal life But consider a place For Us ! This is very strange .

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