Elimination and fixing various types of stress with applying these methods



How can we deal with daily stresses? Which steps should we follow up to confront with this common and epidemic complication? The experts have a definition of stress: Any Psychological pressure which destroys the balance of ( body and soul) , for example any factor which causes that amount of blood sugar,

hormone secretion, and calm, would be out of balance and become changes to higher or lower than it’s target, is known as stress. Everyone knew some of stresses, such as, risk of death, exams, earthquake and etc.
But some of stresses have been created in part of our daily living such as the noise, stress due to work, debt and etc.
We briefly explain about the ways for prevention and treatment of stress. Enhance the capacity of ways such as turning to spirituality, usage of healthy and useful social relation( having a good friend), exercise ( healthy spirit in a healthy body), having the appropriate nutrition and sleep, anticipation and prediction of stressful events, finding the true meaning of life and optimism, trusting in god for protecting us to solve problems.

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