A young woman who has 2 husbands in a home



Sometimes medias publish some news which we can’t believe and understand it.We have heard and seen about different options of formation a new family, such as the marriage of 2 men or 2 women,or a man with few women and etc .. But this recently unexpected and strange news is about simultaneously marriage of 2 men with a woman. Jaya is a 34 years young woman who has 2 husbands and lives with both of them and also with her first husband’s children in a house.She was invited in a live TV program and expressed that she is satisfied of her marriage hasn’t faced to a particular problem and can easily deal with home duties. The ugly point of this common life is that they all live together in a house.This live TV program has been criticized by the activists of family rights.They believe that the shared and simultaneously marriage of men with a woman doesn’t match and fit with essence of men.and would create root problems in long time.They criticisms firmly oppose to epidemic such marriages.

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