The 5 main secrets to get rich

1- Write on a paper that you have decided to double your income . Of Course we oppose to get rich immediately , But we believe that you should gradually reach and obtain wealthy and success. You must prepare your mind for this changing and increasing your income . For raising your standards , You must change your dialogs and use magic phrases in your talking . Avoid of past wrong thinking that says ” The Money Brings Corruption . ”And say and believe that ” I Am Powerful” , ”I Am Rich ” . 2-The Second Secret : You Must play a role . Your movements and behavior Must be like the rich people . Change your appearance . Walk sturdy , powerful and joyful . Have the appropriate style and try to be creative . Your subconscious mind can’t distinguish reality from non-reality . Tell him I’m rich , It believes that . 3- The third Secret : Be either the best or the first . To Create your own trade and job , Firstly find your Community’s needs , and try to meet best job Creation to satisfy the needs of Community . 4- The fourth secret : Try to maximize your Communication skills . Learn the skill of influence on people . The art of listening also plays an important role in increasing your emotional intelligence . 5- The fifth and most important secret : The faith in Good . This power is very important Believe on the magical power of ” faith ” . Repeat one hundred times a day that , Good I only adore you and want just from you to help me . And See the surprising impact of it in your life .

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