This Young actress would be soonly grandmother

Melika Sharifinia , is a young actress which have played some roles since She was childish . Melika is Mohammad Reza Sharifinia’s little girl She has expressed her feeling in her instagram About her domestic Cat which She call it ”Zanbil ”. She likes it as her child and She is so happy because her cat is pregnant . She says : ”A Family picture , From Zanbil and her children . But the children are in the abdomen of their mother yet . But their appearance in the abdomen of their mother are abviously visitable .

I would be the grandmother till next week . I Say for a group of friends , Zanbil is my child , and their children are my grandsons . Excuse me If this case is not understandable for some people . When the children born I will laugh at them and my life would be more colorful . I went to share this happiness with all my friends .

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