The New Rich Generation of Tehran


There has been a lots of new images emerging from the new trend and phenomena in Tehran and despite total disagreement between the supposed values that poor people of the country have been tricked 35 years ego. It is obvious that the rich kids of Iran are kids of clergies and government official. You can see our previous post about this new trend in here.  Some of you might remember the rich kids of Instagram’s account and pictures that have been very controversial.
This new trend in social media to show one’s money and materialistic achievement (which is most of the times fake or their parents, you will never see Mark Zuckerberg pose with his new expensive 150,000 dollars watch; or show case his gold coated Lamborghini. Or you’ll never see Carlos Slim, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett take a picture of their Gucci bag to brag).

The new trend in most social media are going towards bragging and show casing wealth. Unfortunately, this people are more aligned with the consumerism culture “or keeping up with the Jones’s” . Although being successful is very admirable, but this phenomena can be tracked back all the way back to untalented pup culture experts like Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyoncé.

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