Mahtab Keramati Says about maintaining of her physical fitness

Mahtab Keramati is one of the most beautiful and popular actresses . She answered the question in an interview about herself . She has graduated in Microbiology course . But she wished to inter to world of art , and due to this reason , She participated in Amin Tarokh’s actors studio , and one years later She was offered to play in films . She began by the TV Series was called ” Companions of Cave  ” which was so popular .

She simultanousely played in a movie which called ” A Man of Crystal ” She said about maintaing of her physical fitness despite of aging more than 40 years old . ”I try to sleep early in nights and having a good nutrition . I observe to avoid eating so much especially kinds of pastry and Chocolate and bererage and fast foods , Every morning , I drink a glass of water and I try to eat complete breakfast and light dinner . ”

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