Hide blackness around your eyes to make your beauty seems double in this ways


Why does around the eyes become black ? Darkening around the eyes is a common benign disease for various reasons , Such as thinning of the skin , Lack of fat , existence of vascular grille .The important factors for spreading this disease .1-Inheritance and genetic 2- Anemia 3-Thyroid disease 4-Skin reactions (Eczema or A topic nature) 5- Having stress 6-After catching some inflammatory infections 7-False food habits (Simultaneously consumption of some foods , such as Yogurt and pickles) 8- Aging and less sleeping removing dark skin with this tips : Eat pomegranate every other day . Eat Carrot Jam for breakfast . Change your lifestyle generally ,every adult requires at least 6 hours sleeping and best time is at 10 PM. Smelling apple and eating a Faloodeh of grated apple and a little rose water with honey at 8 p.m can help strengthen the heart and induce deep sleep to a person .Look at the eyes : From the perspective of traditional medicine , eyes are the mirror of brain and neurological disorders , anxiety , worry, Fear and insomnia , make it darker and wrinkles around the eyes , are all included

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