Day dreaming of a parallel universe, where the globalist Islamist/Marxists didn’t overthrown the government, only if


The movie star ” Tannaz Tababaei” admits in a dialogue with Sanaz Safaee that:  ” the most important concerns in My Life is that I always had a fear of aging .  I’m afraid of aging ,  I’m afraid the old mind. I’m afraid the old body. ” And continues: “I was born in 1984. But this Issue is not related to my age. When I was 18 years old and I got the driving license , I thought I was too old ! And This thinking crossed my mind that My age is rising ”Tannaz Tabatabaei is single and has interesting ideas about marriage !

She says about” the fear of aging” and ”Staying Single” and ”having no children” : ”what I want to say now is  a lot radical , Maybe a lot of people disagree with me, And, of course, I think it is a very personal matter , But I think with  the marriage and having children And with everything that  be added  to my life I go back a step and give me a sense of obsolescence .
I love myself more than anything in the world ! I think even if I had children I still love myself more than my children ! But what I say is a bit different. I do not know, maybe I’m a bit narcissistic actress and this is something which I think all actresses have it , Sense of confidence, I don’t like to experience the hard life , I don’t want to experience another love , My dream in life is that I always feel young

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