Choose the right clothes for Ceremony


Our country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and due to four seasons and suitable climate, as well as unique monuments which are scattered all over it, also our country if one of the best tourist spots in the world.Statistics indicate that arrival of foreign tourists to our country is growing. Positive comments and pleasure memories of them about our country could certainly affect the views of other countries in the world.
We had an interview with a group of tourists and asked them about our country and people.
They said the people are so kind and hospitable.It was interesting that your country has the potential to become the first rank in tourism world. They said dough is not delicious at all, but the other foods are wonderful.One of the men had an interesting idea, he said how many times your women go to party, when we asked him to explain more, he said your women apply thick make up at morning, noon and night and this shows that your women go party.Our country’s girls go to party so much

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