The younger generation of cinema , Sadaf Taherian


Sadaf Taherian Is Among talented Actresses of ”the younger generation Iranian cinema” She has Played In the movies Such as : “The streets of the Shemroon”, “Hello Love”, “Nobody Nowhere”And The telefilms  “woodpecker” and “mobile” . Filmography : Cinematic : The streets of Shemroon(Kamran Ghadakchian 2013) , Nobody Nowhere (Ebrahim Sheibani 2012) , TV series : Telefilm : Mobile (Shahram Shah Hosseini 2012) , Woodpecker (Saeid Asadi 2012) , Like A Dream (Reza Ghaffari Etebar 2013) , Short Film : Short film for my wife (Ali Panahi Majd 2013) . One of the reasons we were interested in Buying  the posters of Actors and Actresses is their Beautiful Face and attractive coverage that would encourage us to buy .
However, the attractiveness of their faces led us to  see their cinema Movies . We had the impression  how it is possible for a person to enter the field of acting. Which One is more Important to enter the Profession of Acting ? The Face Or technique ? According to statistics obtained from the Iranian Actors and Actresses , Shows that the Face has been impressive for selection them As an actor or actress of Movies in Cinema . Maybe after facial attractiveness, familiarity with the technique and acting career Has Been Important  for  selection  Actresses by the filmmakers . Sadaf Taheri Is among Actresses who has both features : ”facial attractiveness”  And ”Technique’

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