The Most money-making Actors Amin Hayaei

Began his comedy professional work with the movie “lucky bride” in Twenty years ago, He played with Mohammadreza Sharifinia  in the television series “apartment” .  Selling billions USD One of his films led him to become one of the most money-making movie’s actors  . He won the Best Actor Award in 2008 Film Festival for the film ” play at night ” . His wife ”Niloofar Khosh Kholgh” is also a good actress .Amin Hayaei  For playing in the movie “great woman” which was directed by ”Tahmineh Milani” became the Best Actor and Award winner
and his complementary role in the film “felicific bride” led him to become   the candidacy of cinema celebration . He says :  I believe that the Film ”night ”  is one of the best works in the cinema and in the art  because I played my role Along with the deceased great actor Khosrow Shakibai ”  Amin  Hayaei  believes that much playing in cinema is not mind .Because youth and excellence period for an actor  is not  too long . Amin Hayaei interested in imitation of Behrouz Vosoughi , who is  The biggest actor in the history of Iranian cinema and in the films which he  has a  humor role , has perfectly  Behrooz Vosoughi’s  playing style. In addition to acting in the cinema he plays Guitar and he has  relatively a good sound . He wears different clothes .His Grimm and clothes are sometimes the main media subjects

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