The Composers who produce music for dance especially on wedding Ceremonies

The Composers who produce music for dance especially on wedding Ceremonies

There are many singers and composers who like to produce Joyful and happy Songs , For example in USA Michael Jackson was the most famous and greatest of pop singers and producers in the field of happy songs , He was a pattern of dance , The art of being happy And even the best exercise . He has a lot of Memorable lyrics in His history of Music activity , Memorable Lyrics Such as ”Happy” , Billie Jean , Beat It , Thriller , Smooth Criminal . (God bless him ) . In Asian countris Like Iran There are many singers who produce joyful and happy songs . For example : Shahbal and Shahram Shabpareh : Shahbal is the Father of Iranian Pop Music and happy Songs . He formed one of the best and popular music groups called the Black Cats. Great singers Grew in this group , Such as Kamran & Houman ,Sami Beigi and Sepideh …Shahbal Shabpareh , The father of Pop music in Iran And one of the survivors of Singers and Musicians generation Who has brought stunning popularity in this style of music . His brother ‘Shahram Shabpareh’ is also one of the greatest producers of happy songs . Famous singers such as Andy& Kouros started their music activity with The help of Shahram Shabpareh ,Andy and Kouros are another example of happy musics , their songs were played on the wedding ceremonies ,They have a lot of fans . Hassan Shamaeizadeh Iranian composer: His songs were played on wedding ceremonies Two decades ago but still He’s one of the most famous composers of pop music . There are other examples of happy music in iran that known these days by the name of 6&8 ( Shisho Hasht) music : The Singers Such as : ”Amir Tataloo ” , ”Hossein Tohi” , ”Sami Beigi ” , Sasy Mankan ” , ”Nahal Soltani ” Shahab Tiam , Afshin and etc.

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