The Composers who produce music for dance especially on wedding Ceremonies



There are many singers and composers who like to produce Joyful and happy Songs , For example in USA Michael Jackson was the most famous and greatest of pop singers and producers in the field of happy songs  , He was a pattern of dance , The art of being happy And even the best exercise . He has a lot of Memorable lyrics in His history of Music activity ,Memorable Lyrics Such as ”Happy” , Billie Jean , Beat It , Thriller , Smooth Criminal .  (God bless him ) .In Asian countris Like Iran There are many singers who produce joyful and happy songs

For example : Shahbal and Shahram Shabpareh : Shahbal is the Father of Iranian Pop Music and happy Songs . He formed one of the best and popular music groups called the Black Cats. Great singers Grew in this group , Such as Kamran & Houman ,Sami Beigi and  Sepideh …Shahbal Shabpareh , The father of Pop music in Iran And one of  the survivors of  Singers and Musicians generation  Who has brought stunning popularity in this style of music . His brother ‘Shahram Shabpareh’ is also one of the greatest producers of happy songs . Famous singers such as Andy& Kouros started their music activity with The help of Shahram Shabpareh  ,Andy and Kouros are another example of happy musics ,  their songs were played on the wedding ceremonies  ,They have a lot of fans .    Hassan Shamaeizadeh Iranian composer:  His songs were played on wedding ceremonies Two decades ago but still He’s one of the most famous composers of pop music . There are other examples of happy music in iran that known these days by the name of 6&8 ( Shisho Hasht) music : The Singers Such as : ”Amir Tataloo ” , ”Hossein Tohi” , ”Sami Beigi ” , Sasy Mankan ” , ”Nahal Soltani ” Shahab Tiam and Afshin etc.

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