Taraneh Alidoosti Says about Her Favorite actors and movies


”Taraneh Alidoosti” has A diploma degree in photography and acting , She spent acting courses In Free acting classes Under the supervision of ” Hossein Mahjub ” , ”Amin Tarokh ” , ”Atilla Pessiani ” , And ”Mehdi Fathi” . In childhood She was not Interested in Acting  But She Saw a lot of movies But was interested in going to the cinema . In childhood She had not a favorite actor but Later She was interested in the roles of Actors Such as : ”Parviz Parastooi” , ”Ezatollah Entezami ” , ”Atilla Pessiani ” . She Likes the actresses of The same generation of her acting Such As : ” Golshifteh Farahni” , ”Baran Kowsari ” roles .

His father is very interested in cinema And Sees A lot of Movies . One of the films that She has  seen and is very memorable for her , is the Movie   “Cinema Paradiso”  . His father has an archive of the history of cinema. Especially these films:  “Bergman, Fellini and Kieslowski”. The first film she played was ”Man Taraneh 15 Sal Daram ( I’m Taraneh, 15 ) ,   . 6000 People were tested By ”Habib Rezaei” For Playing In This Film ”I’m Taraneh, 15” that He Selected ”Taraneh Alidoosti” For This Role .  She was the winner of Crystal-Simorgh as the best Iranian Actresses for playing in this Film . When she played that movie She was not married and had not the experience of motherhood But  Played her role so well that everyone admired Her Playing as the role of ( I’m Taraneh, 15 ) . In addition to acting like to have an experienced screenwriter and interested to play along with “Robert De Niro”

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