Nasrin Moghanloo an actress which likes lovely her family

Nasrin Moghanloo an actress which likes lovely her family

Nasrin Moghanloo is an actress which began playing roles with the film of Omid . She absorbed more attention by playing in the film which called wife .¬†After playing in the film which was directed by Iraj Ghaderi and Called unforgiven , She travelled to Foreign¬†Then She returned to Iran and Continued to play in Cinema ,TV Series .Playing in the film which called Mother’s Guest directed by Naser Taghvaee , raised her as an actress . In an interview , She answered to questions , She explained about her family and Said , ”I due to the activities of my father in Music and my mother in theater , I was familiar to the art space .
Due to this reason I Started playing in theater when I was so young , But when I decided to play in cinema , The first film was offered by Kianoosh Ayari , For playing in the film of ”Two Half Of Apple ” . The second experience of playing in Cinema was called ”Victim” which directed by Rasool Sadr Ameli . She left playing in cinema and travelled to USA for some years . She stayed away of Cinema for 10 years , She explained about these years ; ”I was very sad and I watched the TV shows of Iran and cried ” . Then she returned and continued playing in Cinema and TV Series . One of the most famous TV Series that She played was ” The Passenger Of India ” and ”Mokhtarnameh” . The first Film which she played after 10 years was called ”A Girl in Cage ” which directed by Saleh Mirzaee . She has played in several TV Series , Such as ” The third sense which directed by Mehdi Fakhim Zadeh , Meeting which was directed by Saeed Javad Hashemi . Also She played in several films of Cinema Such as ”The Sinners” which was directed by Faramarz Gharibian , without permission which was directed by Morteza Ahmadi Harandi and superstar which was directed by Tahmineh Milani

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