Nasrin Moghanloo an actress which likes lovely her family

Nasrin Moghanloo is an actress which began playing roles with the film of Omid . She absorbed more attention by playing in the film which called wife .¬†After playing in the film which was directed by Iraj Ghaderi and Called unforgiven , She travelled to Foreign¬†Then She returned to Iran and Continued to play in Cinema ,TV Series .Playing in the film which called Mother’s Guest directed by Naser Taghvaee , raised her as an actress . In an interview , She answered to questions , She explained about her family and Said , ”I due to the activities of my father in Music and my mother in theater , I was familiar to the art space .

Due to this reason I Started playing in theater when I was so young , But when I decided to play in cinema , The first film was offered by Kianoosh Ayari , For playing in the film of ”Two Half Of Apple ” . The second experience of playing in Cinema was called ”Victim” which directed by Rasool Sadr Ameli . She left playing in cinema and travelled to USA for some years . She stayed away of Cinema for 10 years , She explained about these years ; ”I was very sad and I watched the TV shows of Iran and cried ” . Then she returned and continued playing in Cinema and TV Series . One of the most famous TV Series that She played was ” The Passenger Of India ” and ”Mokhtarnameh” . The first Film which she played after 10 years was called ”A Girl in Cage ” which directed by Saleh Mirzaee . She has played in several TV Series , Such as ” The third sense which directed by Mehdi Fakhim Zadeh , Meeting which was directed by Saeed Javad Hashemi . Also She played in several films of Cinema Such as ”The Sinners” which was directed by Faramarz Gharibian , without permission which was directed by Morteza Ahmadi Harandi and superstar which was directed by Tahmineh Milani

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