Daryoosh Farziyaee and performances art Programs for children

Daryoosh Farziyaee Studied graphic undergraduate in university of Tehran . His Indescribable love to his gentle mother is admirable , pleasant and intimate performances led to Have the  most viewrs of Tv According to a survey conducted by the  98% of viewrs . He continued his studies in Graphic Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University. He  was entered at age 21 To Radio and Television . and began his career as a radio reporter. Then on Friday evening radio program appeared in various brigades , With A program In Television , Requested Cartoons for children ,Entered   into the world of television And became famous between Children with The collection of Purang and Toorang

. With performances art Programs for children and adolescents and the nickname “Uncle Purang (Amu Purang)” gained popularity between child and adult audience .Amu Purang along with Amir Mohammad porformed at the Television program which was prepared for cooperation with the police department (Assistant Police)and  acted as presenter . Amir Mohammad is a child Artist that his Talent was Discoverd By Daryoosh Farziyaee ( Amu Purang ) . The two together  have long been active in television programs for children . The TV Programs Such as : ”We and You” , ”Toorang and Purang ” , ”Child and Adolescent” , ”Impartial network” , ”One and single ” , ” Again a refreshing rain ” , ”network of Uncle Purang ” , ”school of Uncle Purang” , ”Garden Friends of Purang” ,” library of Uncle Purang ”
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