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Leila Otadi is one of the most beautiful and famous actresses . She has played both in business and art movies and the interest point is that She get the most expensive wages among the actresses . We have an interview with her and a variety of questions have been asked , You can see in the following article . She was asked , How do you define the profession of acting in Cinema ? She answered ” Action is an opportunity for experience conditions of life that a person may not be able to experience them in normal life . Certainly the career of acting is sensitive and it’s the center of attention and judgment of people ”

She was asked , How much beauty of face can be effective in achieving success for a player ? She answered ” 100 %  percent , I think each harmony and beauty is  lovely and favorable . Beauty , strong acting , influence of the face and character , are the important points . But we know the artists that despite of lacking the beauty , but they are the successful artists , therefore I think the impact of beauty is relative . ” What is your opinion about the  new generation of artists who would be entered in Cinema ? She answered Cinema needs to young and new artists everywhere in the world , and the field is open for all , and this case is depended on the talent and effort of everybody . ” What is your opinion about the lasting of an artist ? She answered ” Lasting is that you would be known as a real artists for the next years . The right selection of roles acting well and the other conditions cause to lasting in Cinema .

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