The Secret of staying young from three famous actresses and singers

Most of the artists , including the actors and actresses must have a good physique and athletic bodies to perform hard dance routines or get demanding movie parts. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the artists with a good exercise program and fitness bodies, become more successful in their careers and have a long-term of reputation because they can easily perform in live events on the stage and keep their appearances (like facial futures) younger for the longer time . Consequently, They can stay in the lime light of of attention for their fans for a longer-period of time. As it seams logical, it would be vital to exercise even for the famous Iranian celebrities too. As an example, Mohammad Reza Golzar Goes to the gym everyday and have a tight and professional bodybuilding exercises.

Mohammad Reza Golzar’s short term aim might be to increase the his body mass, but his long term goal is to stay fit. There are reports from eye witnesses that indicates: “He does aerobic and stamina exercises on the treadmill at the end of his gym time, at least for 40 minutes to an hour. Also, Maziar Fallahi is one of the famous public figures and celebrity pop singers which is immensely interested in athletic activities. He does the Kick Boxing practices, yoga and many other demanding sports. Morteza Pashaee , Maziar Fallahi and Behnam Alamshahi are the singers who play the exotic sport of “Sepak Takraw” (the mixture of volleyball and soccer). Farzad Farzin and Mohsen Yeganeh are two of the football players and exercise as the members of National Artists Football team. As for foreign personalities, We can point to “Haifa Wehbe”, “Monica Bellucci”, “Shakira”, “Inna”, “Kim Kardashian”, “Jenifer Lopez”, “Nancy Ajram” and “Angelina Jolie” ,Sepideh , which all of them are super stars and multimillionaires. They sing and dance and mix The art of dancing with the singing and acting.

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