The New Fashion Trend in Isfahan

Despite hard hitting measures from the religious government of IR. Iran and especially the regional government and clergies of Isfahan, is seams that this ancient city which is famous for its art and industry, still is in the fore front of the art by its new line of woman fashion. It is totally clear to most people that the current regime in Tehran (the ruling clergies in particular) is just into its survivor and profit and will do almost anything to keep its tight grip on power. One of the most prevalent that they have been trying to do for the longest time is to replace the already existing and thriving culture and art of Iranians with a non – existence hard core religious arts and even more amazing, with a unnatural and totally test-less religious fashion.

This trend is more and more important for them in the case of woman’s fashion. They have been spending billions and billions of dollar to popularize the ugliest types of fashion in the Iranian society. When they didn’t succeeded by their just use of money and pure raw spending (with the money that belonged to the people of Iran who are under tyrannical rule of clergies), they went for legislation and use of force to beat the fashion out of Iranians. They still have ethical patrol in the main crossroads of major cities that will arrest people if they find them attractive!

But despite all those effort, the art has found its way, just like a plant that will grow towards the sun no matter if it is under soil, dirt or swamp waste. Here are couple of new fashion that are compliant with the legislated fashion laws but harshly against the religious norm and preferences


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