The most experienced actress and singers of Iran, Leila Foroohar

Leila foroohar is one of the most famous and popular actress and singers , that has experienced the art world for more than 50 years old . She arrived in theater , when she was just 3 years old . Her family were completely artistic . Her father , Jahangir Foroohar was one of the oldest Actors of iran and her mother Farangis FarahZadi was the actress of theaters and Cinema . Leila started playing roles in cinema in the films of ” Morad And Laleh ” and ” Fighting Rooster ” in 1965 When she was just 7 years old . She was one of the most active artists despite of a little old which She had . and has been called as ” the Youngest Child ”of Iranian Cinema . One the most brilliant films which she has played was ” the king of hearts ” which directed by Mohammad Ali Fardin . After playing in this film . She reached to a significant fame and played in the films of the other famous directors . For example She played in the film of ”I Cried Too ” which the Behrooz Vosoughi and Puri Banaee which were the famous superstars . Also She played a few films when She was teen . Such as ”Young Relationship” and ”Classmates” and ”Night Solarium” . She learned professionally singing when she was just 14 years . Her singing like her playing was noteable and pleasant for all of the people . She Created the popular singing Such as ”Two Birds ” and ”Shamim” and love story and soon . After the Islamic revolution She firstly emigrated to France and Then  she went to USA and residented in Los Angeles . She held so many Concerts in different Countries , Such as UAE (Dubai ) and Japan and Tajikistan . She has married about 10 years old . 

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