The lovely life of Cinematic Couple

Amin Zendegani is an iranian actor who starred as the film of The kingdom of solonon which directed by Shahryar Bahrani and The TV Series of ” Mokhtar Nameh ”He has married twice , with Mina Lakani , actress and Elica Abdolrazaghi , actress . Elica Abdolrazaghi , She is one of the actresses which has gained the main famous because of acting in TV Series which directed by Mehran Modiri Such As Mozafar’s Garden – The bitter Coffee – The man of one thousand’s face . She is married with Amin Zendegani , Public option guess that there is constantly the differences and conflicts among the Cinematic Couples . But the reality is often something else . But we know the couples who live together under one roof with the full condition of peacefully and intimacy . Don’t miss the interview of the affectionate couple , Amin Zendegani and Elica Abdolrazaghi . Amin Zendegani said about the word of love , ”Love is coming but and training of it is desirable  ” And Elica said her opinion about love that ” Love must be learned , Love always open arms to you , If you would open your arms to it . ” We asked them this question , Someone believe that It’s not so good that a couple have a common idea and view . but the others believe that when a couple know the same knowledge and have the same professional , They Can criticize and review each other , more easier . Elica answered ” I think that you’re true but I think being a colleague or not is not important . The important matter is that the sight and view about this case . She Continued that ” In a married life , apart from the role of a husband and a wife , and apart from the intimacy of both of them , The privacy of both of them should not be involved by another .

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