special Interview with Sahar ghoreishi about the role of marriage in this film

A film which had a lot of margins for me  When this film ”what men know about women”  was offered to me ; the subject of this film was about ” temporary marriage” . but i welcomed this role and I accepted to play this role . because of I didn’t  play this kind of role in any film and it was interesting for me ,I love this experience,  public reaction to my marriage in that film did not worry me . Because it had several messages and in fact is effective

for cultural progress . we should tell the men You can not love two people at the same time. When the name of betrayal Became Playfulness everything went haywire and when people to justify their mistakes Make excuses Everything will change Everything loses its actual position.

If there is a love, can only be attributed to one person and Can not exist A second person , If someone does such this action we  should  refer to his  past and his family weakness . These issues should be discovered.  film looked at this subject and end of the film is instructive . What was the problem of the people who have a second wife ?! Even what is this woman’s incentive ? that she married with a man who has his own family , And she preferred to be the second person in a relationship ?!

temporary marriage,  destroy family roots . I think,   this film “What men know about women”, is very nice and informative For Family culture . this film shows the end of an incorrect relationship to the audience . Dialogue to dialogue, this film contains several messages.

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