Siavash Shams the best singer of pop Style

Siavash Shams , is one of the most popular and experienced singer , songwriter and compositor of Iran . He was born in Ahwaz but his family moved to Tehran when he was 5 years old . He finished primary school in Tehran . But his family emigrated to USA ,State of California and they settled in San Diego . He attended and finished high school in America . Then he arrived in California University and studied in the field of music and computer . He started singing with the Iranian girl in 1985 . When his Family were at a party together , He sang when he was a teen . But the interesting point was that he mode the others to turn off all night when he was singing because he was a shy boy . He produced the first Album of himself which was called ”Neighbors” in 1986 . This album faced to intense public interest And had an excellent sales . Siavash has so many fans and receives between 200-300 email daily .  The second album of Siavash was Called ”Sahneh” (Scene) , After producing this album , he was called Siavash Sahneh . Due to difficulties with distribution Companies , he decided to Launch music company of himself , and Called it the world music records Company . He produced this company by his manager’s Cooperation , ”Carolin ”. After it he married with Carolin . His musical style has been imitated by many young singers .

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