Shiraz’s New fashion show and Pants trend

Two cities of Isfahan and Shiraz are two of the most art oriented and trend friendly cities of Iran and might be in the greater west of East. Sometime in some original and retro (traditional) designs they take the top place even before Tehran. These cities have been most important centers of civilization for many many years and eras. Despite the many times of foreign attacks trough out history like the Mongols attack or the last ideology that has still is occupying that beautiful land and the bosom of humanity and civilization.

The followings are couple of new fashion trends from the city of Shiraz:

The fashion trend of jean pants specially women’s pants have been one of the most important and lucrative new trends of last 50 years (after more embedding of women in the society and work place). Some very famouse marks have been involved with this like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and recently luna yoga pants.


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