Parviz Parastooi Emphasized that I never say goodbye to the cinema

Parviz Parastooi is a famous actor  of Cinema , theater and television. He is married and has two children,he  has high grade degree in art  , He has art PhD. Parviz Parastooi after years of low activity and making rumors about his farewell to acting ,  He Has recently played a role in three films . He Emphasized that I never say goodbye to the cinema , if there was an important work I done that But For what price? and what is important to me? This super star of Cinema , who recently played in the movie “The Awakening for three days,” directed by Masoud Amini Tiran said : ” the playing in this movie was a different experience for me ,   For the first time I did not play the role of someone. ” . this  movie was filmed over 72 hours without pause, Parastooi expressed that his presence in this film spent a lot of Energy In the level of  Three Cinema projects. He said :” Evidences Makes clear Hard times of these three days of filming. Parviz Parastooi also recently has played in two movies except this film , “We have guests” directed by  Mehdi Asgarpour and “Today” directed by  Reza Mirkarimi . ”I never say goodbye to The Cinema And if I work a little in cinema , I have always respected to the audience . But the situation was unstable and it was not necessary to work with this situation . Parastooi is the most popular actors in Iran  for the role of the Lizard (Marmulak) Directed By Kamal Tabrizi





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