Niki Karimi says about her new translation

The Book ”Songs My Mother Taught Me”(story of Marlon Brando) Translated By Niki Karimi is  One of the books that I read at different times again I find new informations ,  In fact, every audience of artworks can find Other aspects of this artwork With the passage of time . I quote portions of this book , With this selection a small part of this lovely book,  is  a hard work and so difficult  . Marlon Brando Said : ” I had the role of a young soldier named Ken Vivek that his spine vertebrae with bullets Germans were destroyed during the war . I could not tell how it would be if I was confined to a wheelchair and have spent my whole life on one of them. For this reason I wanted To understand When a man Is supposed to spend his life on a wheelchair , I asked Them To accpect me As a paralyzed soldier such as Ken Vivek In Birmingham hospital of  Southern California . Few of the staff and patients were aware of the issue , But most of them did not know , I was An Actor and it was my first movie . Three weeks I tried to do the same things that Patients  do in the hospital and  learn how their life goes on . The Book ”Songs My Mother Taught Me”  translated by Niki Karimi is full of memorable moments Brando with honesty and sincerity described  and is so pleasant .


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