Interview with Leila Hatami by the official site of the film festival of Cannes

The official site of the Film Festival of Cannes published an interview with Leila Hatami : Leila which was selected as a referee for this festival , Discovered by the film of ”Separation Nader from Simin ” Is one of the nine referee of this festival . Question : You are born and grow in a theatrical Family Your father was a director and your mother was an Actress , And your husband is an actor , director. And you played in the first experienced of Directing of your husband , Is it important for you to play a role in Your family films ? Leila : My Family Had a great impact on my interest to the cinema . Unfortunately  I didn’t begin as a Professional  actress while my father was alive . I Love my father’s films , especially his historical films . The cooperation with my husband , Really changed to a family relationship . Because we didn’t have much capital , So my husband decided to make two family Films . By the helping of my mother , my husband’s mother and me as art director and set designer . But it doesn’t mean that I especially prefer the cooperation with my family . Generally I don’t tend to work with especial group , especial director , ……… I accept a project by reading the scenario and testing it , If my role is not suitable I Don’t accept . Question : What is your next project ? Leila : I recently finished a film which directed by Safi Yazdanian which is called ”what time is it in your world ? ” It’s a nice film and Ali Mosafa is producer of this project . This film explains in some ways the relation between Iran and France , A romantic story , very specific which affect on everybody .

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