Googosh (the famous Singer) and her beautiful house

Googosh is one of the most popular and famous pop singers from back in the time. To compare her level of fame to the today’s pop singers, you may add up Kate Pery, Rihanna, Lady Gaga (although she has diapered from the top pop singers) and couple of other movie stars like Kate winslet, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock to some how level her off. Because she used to be both a top notch singer and very successful movie star. She was so famous that her presence in any movie would guarantee the success of that movie.

Unfortunately, like the rest of singers, movie stars and the rest of artists of the past generation, she didn’t leave the country after the revolution and that led to 20 years of wasted life for her. During that time she didn’t create any new songs or didn’t attend in any new movie which is a great lost for her and the pop culture in general.

Fortunately, during the last couple of years and after leaving the country, she had partially recouped her lost fortune and made enough money to make a life deserving for her. Here are couple of pictures related to her new house in the states.

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