Golshifteh Farahani and Her Ex-Husband

During the past couple of years Golshofteh Frahani has become a very successful actress in Hollywood and major European movie centers after migrating to Europe and living over seas. She was a very successful actress while she was working for domestic movie producers and has made a lots of money for them but there is no doubt that she has become one of the models for the rest of artists who are not making enough money while working inside a religious government that is so backward that reminds you of dark ages and renesanse area.

Although immigration is a big step, just like the rest of successful movie stars, the immigration and success that has came with it; has put a large strain on her personal life and marriage. Just like Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, a monolithic marriage life for a beautiful and successful movie star specially if she is a lonely immigrant woman is like trying to hold on a tornado. The marriage wouldn’t continue. This is a fact of life and the fans are better to get to use to it.

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