Fatemeh Motamed Ariya’s controversial movie festival attendance and dress

Fatemeh Motamed Ariya is one of those controversial actresses who has been in a run and almost on the other side of a long 30 years battle with directors and management in Radio and Television. It almost seams that she is being forsaken because of her views. It almost seams that she has been in a long term political and cultural battle with the so called authorities.

One of the very advocated subjects that the management in Radio and Television is sensitive to it is the presentation of talent in the foreign festivals as the ambassador of the very uncompleted new type of cultural collage of stone age religions and now a days technology. The very important and obvious thing that those confused (but greedy and power hungry) management and so called authorities can point to is the coverage and head-ware. In the following picture you can see couple of pictures of her attending a movies festival in India:


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