Children Artists Whom Their Parents have been involved in Cinema

In All over the world , The Children , whom their parents involve in the Cinema , have the more possibility to attend to Cinema . This Case is true in Iran too . In The Following Article you see the names and a brief description of Some of these actors . 1. Soraya Ghassemi : She is the Hamideh Kheirabadi’s Daughter and has experienced Cinema and TV Series more than 40 years . She had the history of playing in TV Series Such as ” bitter and sweet ” in about 45 years before . and She is So Popular now . 2. Baran Kowsary , is the Child of (Rakhshan BaniEtemad : director and Jahangir Kowsary (Producer) of Cinema . ) She experienced playing in the film of (The best Father of The World ) Which directed by Darush Farhang . She has played in many  Films of Cinema , TV Series and Theater Scene in recent years . She has won the prize of the best actress in the 25th Fajr Festival , For playing in the film of (The third day and the blood’s Game  ) 3. Golshifteh and Shaghayegh Farahani are the children of Behzad Farahani , The old player of Cinema . Golshifteh is more famous than her sister . Pulad Kimiaee , Is Masood Kimiaee’s Child and has experienced playing in the Cinema , with the film of ”Serbian” when he was just 7 years old . His father is one of the most famous directors of Iran . He has played approximately in all of the films which made by his father Such as (The trial on the street , ruling , the chief , and guilt ) Diana and Dana Hakimi the Children of Danial Hakimi , the experienced and popular player of TV Series and Cinema , Diana Hakimi is 20 years old , She has experienced TV Series , in the series which called ” Snakes and Ladders ” When she was 11 years . She is playing  in the TV Series which called ”release” beside her father and brother . Leila Hatami : She is the Ali Hatami ‘s Daughter , The famous director of Cinema . She has won the prize of Crystal Simorgh as the best player for the film of ”Poverty” in 2008 .


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