Anahita Nemati (the Keira Knightley of Iran)

Anahita Nemati or as shortened by some of her friends “Ana Nemati” is one of the most famous recent actresses in the Iranian cinema and TV industry. Some of her fame might be related to her fail first marriage to another famous artist who later on got into some unfortunate problems with his health and other unfortunate problems that we do not fit to mention them in this article.

On top of her initial fame based on her first marriage, Anahita Nemati is a very capable actress with beautiful statue and facial futures (like most actors and actresses who are as some may say “easy to the eyes”). Her beautiful black eyes and eyebrows, with a hint of eastern wide eyes and face with a pronounced chin line, reminds us of another famous actresses. This time, a British super star named Keira Knightley.

It is a very amazing phenomena, the whole famous actress and actors being each others look a like. There is no doubt that Anahita Nemati is Older than Keira Knightly and has a longer presence of the silver curtains of cinemas than Keira. Therefore, the theory that Kiera Knightley’s fame has created some sort of opportunity for Anahita to act as her Doppler, can not be true. At the same time, the probability of Kiera Knightley’s carriers’ success having anything to do with Anahita’s success seams very dismal.

Although, there is this theory that, both directors and producers in Iran and Hollywood has the same test in the beauty or probably ladies with pretty eyes just like Kiera’s and Anhita with very defined jawline have a very good acting talent. Anyways, both actresses are amazing and wish great luck for both of them.

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