An Interesting polling on facebook to find the most attractive faces of Persian girls from Tehran

It has been well established that Persian girls have been among some of the most attractive girls around the world. Before the revolution, there was some sort of beauty competition just like the “miss world” or “miss universe” competition and through that came some of the very pronoun young ladies like “Farah Diba” (the late queen of Iran), “Googosh” (the famous pop singer and the host of her talent show under the name of “Googosh music academy” in manoto1 TV channel) and “Afsaneh Baygan” (the famous actress of Cinema and Television).

But in absence of such beauty contests, people took the initiative to their own hand and by using social media assets such as facebook (the polling ability in facebook, using the number of like, shares and comments) for different face picture of ladies (who were mentioned to be from Tehran, we could not verify this though).

Although, most beauty contest are shown on very popular TV programs and are not just restricted to the attractiveness of the face (some of them even have a question and answer section that some times become very controversial based on the answers that some of the contestants give), this online polling was merely concentrated on the facial future and the attractiveness of the face to the voters. Here are the two winner of the contest:

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