All things about ”Red Hat” TV Series and movies

Kolah Ghermezi is the Iranian puppet character which is created by the cooperation of Iraj Tahmaseb and Hamid Jebeli . The films are made according to this character are the most populars of Iranian history of the Cinema After more than two decades of activity of this doll in the Cinema and TV Series , this character changed to a cultural phenomenon which could influence among the many generations of fans ,

especially in decades of 1980 . The first appearance of this character was in 1981 , In the role of an ant , and the second appearance was in a TV program which was called ” The Rattles And Gig ” .
The moral character and personality of this doll is playful , lazy , gentle , alone , and can not pronounce the words correctly and so sweet . His job in these Series of TV And movies was apprentice shoemaker , infusion man , driving instructor , student , the colleague of the executive . The master of this puppet (doll) is Donya Fanizadeh and Hamid Jebeli speaks in this role , instead of him , 3movies is created for this character , which was called ”Red Hat And Cousin ” in 1993 ,” Red Hat and Sarvenaz ” in 2001 and ”Red Hat and Baby Mama” in 2011 . All of these three films had very high sales and were welcomed by the public especially babies and teen . The red hat joined to New year’s TV Shows since 2009 and was so popular among the TV viewrs and these programs continued in the recent new years’s TV Shows . The red hat doll , has become as a brand in recent years and so many toys and stationaries have been produced among the people . we must remember the notable case that the writer and director and actor of the most of these products was Iraj Tahmaseb , which has the main role in gaining popularity of this doll character .

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