These foods are brain’s enemy

These foods are brain’s enemy

The brain is the most complex part of the body which consists of neurons that control body movement,feeling and thinking , then maintaining brain health is so important and must care kind of nutrition .Recently studies in this field implies that consumption of some kinds of foods , causes to overcome aging of brain cells and sequentially Alzheimer’s disease . On the other hand in taking some foods may endanger the health of brain .1-The processed foods : processed foods and foods containing allergens is considered danger to the brain . 2- Foods containing of trans fats : These are found in margarine ,chips,cookies,kind of cakes . The researchers concluded that consumption of trans fats can also lead to brain shrinkage 3-Mono sodium glutamate substances :This materials which are founded in natural flavors ,seasonings , soups and soy protein , which directly affect brain cells .4- Additional sugar in foods : According to studies people who receive excess sugar foods (about 17 to 21 percent calories from additional sugar foods )are more prone to cardiovascular diseases . These are founded in artificially sweetened drinks like soft drinks ,sport and energy drinks and sugary foods

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