What you must know about the most popular film, which is called “Shahrzad”:

Hasan Fathi, the famous director, has begun the production of a romantic series which display in the home network presentation several months ago. The broadcasting of this series has begun weeks ago and has earned the countless fans.There are so many superstars who have played in it, such as Abulfazl Purarab,Shahab Hoseini,
Ali Nasirian and Taraneh Alidusti. The outdoor shooting of scenes has done in cinema town of Ghazali.It’s interesting to know that vast rebuilding of the old streets

And famous buildings has been done for this series, such as ” Handsome hotel” , “Taban cinema” , and the office building of “West Newspapers”.
The story of this series would begun after happening the coup of August 28, and we can define it as a melodram-criminal series.

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