Yousof Teimouri said about his reason for marriage with a Thai girl

When the news about Yousof Teimouri’s marriage was released, all of the people wonder why he was married with a Thai girl. We didn’t know, why he selected such a choice or whether his strong feelings was his stimulus for marriage, or simply he wanted to select his wife from another
Country.He explained clearly about it. ” Getting married with a compatriot girl was a little difficult, because existence of probably unconscious mental context to seriousness of my words that maybe lie and think that i’m playing a role. He continued the fact is that i thought a compatriot girl didn’t have a serious looking for the marriage and common life.After lasting about 6 years of his marriage and the birth of a daughter, they have a prosperous and fortunate life.

It should be noted that , Shadmehr Aghili, the popular and famous singer has married with Filipino girl.Now he is happy and satisfied about this marriage.


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