What is the second Job and activities of Hadieh Tehrani except Cinema


The Facts about Hadieh Tehrani that we didn’t know : Hadieh Tehrani , one of the superstars that she has captured up the Iranian Cinema . She has played the most famous films and movies Such as ”Dokhtar Irooni (Iranian Girl)” , ”Soltan ( The King) ” , ” Ghermez (Red) ” , ”Donya (World)” , and so on . Her Films are often faced with a great welcome and very high sales .  She has invited for the films as ” Sara ” but she didn’t accept it because of the story of it , In the first time .

Then she was invited by ”Azita Hajian ” and ”Sharifinia” but she didn’t accept in that time , ”Naser Taghvaee ” invited her for the film of ”Chay Talkh ( Bitter Tea )” , But this films didn’t begin . Then she decided to travel to Germany . But a severe accident occured for her and she goes in a Coma condition for six months . However , the first film then she selected for the beginning of her interance to Cinema , was called ”Soltan(The king)”  which was directed by ”Masood Kimiaee” , the most famous of directors of Iran . Hadieh Tehrani’s favorite films are ”Kaghaze Bi Khat ( Paper without line )” , ”ShowKaran (Helmlock)” , ”Khanei Rooye Ab ( The house on the water ) and ……. She is ventures and she has worked on martial arts . She likes domestic Animals . There are A lot of small and big cats . She is the symbol of strong and cool women . Her experience in renewation and repair and maintenance of wooden furniture and custome design and clothes helps her to create a modern atmosphere with traditional spirit

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