The matchmaking of Ahmadinezhad by an Italian beauty queen


AhmadiNezhad , the former president of our country was so popular . His appearance was very simple and without luxuries . His speeches was very decisive and effective , and that’s why that he had so many fans inner and outer of our country But The majority of people believe that his Poor management and Governance without expertise caused bad economic conditions of their country . Despite of finishing his presidency time He is popular too . Sometimes ago , an Italian 20 years old girl publicly announced her matchmaking of AhmadiNezhad . She said about her interest by publishing a book called ” Once upon a president was !  

” Silvia Valerio , the most beautiful girl of Italia believe that AhmadiNezhad is the only real man in the world who is far from luxurity and mode , She said that he is going to marry with him ! Because he is an important personality . On the other hand AhmadiNezhad believes that the reason of his popularity and reputation is his country’s culture , which absorb all of the world ..

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