The actors whom have been forced to gain weight or lose it to play their role properly

In the world of Cinema , there are some actors whom they have been forced to gain weight or lose it , Because of their characters and playing better in their films . In this article we review them . 1-Behrooz Vosoughi : When Masood Kimiaee offered him to play in an addicted man in the film of Gavaznha (beer) , He had to reduce weight about 25 pounds .

2- Hamed Behdad : When Dariush Mehrjoee offered him the role in the film of ”How nice that you came back ” He had to overweight of 30 pounds . 3- Mohsen Tanabandeh : He was playing in the TV Series which named ” Capital” as a wrestler which have to reduce 11 pounds . 4- Kambiz Dirbaz : He was forced to reduce weight about 15 pounds , For playing in the film of ” Ashes and snow ” we can name the other artists like Reza Kianian , Homayoon ( The old actor ) , and etc .

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