Shima Nikpur Became Famous because of similarity to Angelina Jolie

A Lot of Men and Women have entered the fascinating world of Cinema in Iran and all over the world , Since now . And many of them usually have left the world of full of difficulties of Cinema in various reasons . And few of them have remained because of having the potential ability , the suitable deligently , And good physics and beautiful faces . We can add some other factors , Such as having academic Literacy , in the field of Cinema , Passing classes and courses in university , and having interest to the Cinema , and So On . One of the rare factors to gain immediate Fame

is the similarity to the Famous Artists of the world . This Kind of famous Can guarantee of an artist . We can Call Shima Nikpur as one of these cases . She is so similar to Angelina Jolie , The Famous Actress of The World . Many Published Photos of her , is extra ordinary similar to Angelina Jolie , and this similarity have been approved among the most users in various sites in Iran and all around the world . This Case Can be effective in begenning activity of this actress .But it’s not continuous. We can indicate numerous cases like this case , On the contrary , We can call the actresses Such as sophia loren , elizabeth taylor whom maintain and increase their Fame till oldness . Shima Nikpur is Graduated from Applied Sciences University in the field of Filmmaking Who Played in The Serials Such as : Tell the truth, reminding . Shima Nikpur Movies : The streets of the Shemroon  

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