Presenter who was dismissed for a humer !

Mobina Nasiri is one of the live show presenter in Iran . She is so young and sweet . In one of the live shows , She was responding to a call viewers , she was laughing and seem to take great pleasure of speaking with the caller . when the other male performer of this program asked the reason of her laughing , She thought for moments and then she replied with laughing and enjoyable condition .

Do You Like Liver ?! Everybody could guess what the caller man has said . She was getting tired , because of this little fun and humor . It is about 6 months that she is not able to continue her work . Iran is a country where there are a lot of large depression in the general population especially among the teen and young persons . The distribution of such as strict regulations and controlling the alive shows , movies , TV series , Authors , Singers , and government offices , make major of the people feel unhappy . In Iran there are mass of unemployed young people , Because the major of graduated of them , Can not find the proper Job , The marriage rate is extremely low . In Contrast it , The divorce rate is so high . We can see alot of depressed and addicted people especially among the young people . All of indicated cases are the result of strict laws among the social and restricted freedoms , by the government


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