New Generation of talent and musicians , Ehsan Khajeh Amiri

Ehsan Khajeh amiri is one of the most famous Pop singers and composer of Iran . His Father , Iraj Khajeh Amiri , was one of the most popular traditional music singers .. He was So famous , because of singing instead of the famous movie stars , Such as Fardin . Due to growing in an art family , He was familiared with the world of Music and singing , When he was just 5 years . He gradually started the music by attending to dulcimer and violin music schools . He learned piano by the helps of his sister , Elica . He composed for children shows of TV . He prepared the first album , which called ”I And My Father” by the cooperation of his father

When he was just 17 years old . He believed that the success of this album was greatly indebted to his father . He can play most of the traditional music instruments such as Sitar , Strings . He was selected to Compose the TV Series music for the film of Lonely , And the music of this film ”Everything is good dream ” would be so famous and popular when he was 19 years old . He prepared the next album which called ” For the first Time ” in 2004 which was sold more than 300000 Copies . He was selected for the TV Series which was called ” The Forbidden Fruit ” Singing and Composing in 2006 . The next album which he composed was called ”The last Hello ” This album was so romantic and lovely and was in the list of the best-selling Album of the year . The first Concert was held in ”Kish ” in 2004 . The next works of him was composing for the TV Series ” Like Nobody ” Which was a traditional Music .

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