Nancy Ajram the Famous Singer from the early days till now


Nancy Ajram is one of the most famous female artist and singers of the past couple of years from the west Asia and Mediterranean area. She had her first big break at the age of 15 years old (two years even earlier than Britney Spears). Although she had got to the professional music scene very early, her singing talent and her attractiveness has won her an special place in the contemporary music of the mentioned area. Her fame has far surpassed her own country and made her a multi-national billboard artist with millions and millions of fans all over the world.

Being young and influential combined with enormous financial gain, seams like a recipe for disaster and controversy and drama. Most of the times, famous and talented artists get involved in poetical and non-related issues either by choice or force of their managers or whomever who controls their public relations.

One of the most controversial issues that have always been a part of debate, specially for the young female artists and performers, was the effect of plastic surgery and share of it in their success. The following is an album related to Nancy Ajram and a collection of her pictures (allegedly before and after plastic surgery):

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