Halloween celebration, in the world

Halloween celebration, in the world

The Halloween celebration, which many people believe by holding it, they honor the spirits in the last night of October, every year.In this celebration, people who participate in it, put on strange clothes and dance and stomp and try to frighten each other till the hours after midnight. Halloween is a celebration that focuses on the philosophy of darkness and Satan, and has become to a huge industry.
On the other hand, others believe that the children focus attention to wear devil, ghosts, witches and skeletons all over the world.In New York City, the people dance and watch it till midnight and try to frighten each other. One of the citizens of New York said that he was so happy to participate in this celebration and enjoy of it every year.
Another citizen of this city said that we had pleasant and funny times, and this feeling gave us a positive energy, which we need it in these days. According to officials of this city, about 60,000 persons have participated in this celebration and dance in the streets and close to 2 millions of people watch it in streets in New York this year.Although this celebration has been created and begun by European countries,such as Canada, America and others, but we observe it in Asian and Eastern countries too, in recent years.

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