Sahar Ghoreyshi’s Conversation about Cosmetic surgery and confidence


”I did not operate my nose and I didn’t perform facial injections  But I say the truth ,Last year  I injected gel to my lips ,   I feel so bad after gel injection and I emptied my lips from gel  . She believes that Surgical operation is good for Removing the defects of body But It’s not good for Reshaping of appearance” . Her word is true ,these days  All people do cosmetic surgery And this method is not especially attractive when All faces are similar .Sahar Ghoreyshi Said about her problems after gel injection to her lips which  was interesting to hear about it

: ” God is beautiful and loves beauty , For the actress who changes her face  To be a good actress  , Cosmetic surgery is OKAY . So if I Injected My lips  gel  for the acting And then selected  for the role, My lips injection was not wrong. In the interview, asked me which one is better ?  reputation or popularity? And I answered  popularity . because The popularity is the beginning of reputation . Young people these days are constantly changing as they wish.because of two reasons: lack of belief and lack of confidence. If anyone feels that she loves  herself even if there is a defect , , it is adequate, but if there is a defect which Reduces her confidence It should be remove  the mothers who read this interview It’s better to know you should give confidence to your sons and your daughters and confirm their abilty in their life , Interesting point about Sahar Ghoreyshi’s Life : She has Several Times said By Publishing Her Brother’s Photograph : ” The only reason of my life is my brother who is my program manager.

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